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Here at Ronk, we work effortlessly to design and manufacture electrical products and parts so you can have safer, efficient and more controlled use of power. We manufacture many products, such as phase converters, transfer switches, power factor correction capacitors, meter socket with circuit breaker units, generator and load bank docking stations, and stray voltage isolators.

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  • Rotocon CP Unit 2020small

    Rotary Phase Converters

    Rotary type phase converters are usually recommended for the operation of a group of motors, or motors with considerable load variations.


    Static Phase Converters

    Autotransformer-capacitor type static converters are generally recommended for constant load applications, like most fans or pumps, with one motor.

  • 7103 MS

    Double-Throw Switches

    Grade-level, Meter Sockets, Pole Tops for safe load transfer.


Featured Products

Ronk blocker

BLOCKER® Stray Voltage Isolator SVI-50 11V

Reduces stray voltage. Blocking voltage 11V

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POWRSOFT® Rotary Soft-start Controller is designed to soft start Ronk rotary phase converters.

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Meter Socket Circuit Breaker - 320 Amp

320A, Lever Bypass, 4 or 5 Jaw Options, Conduit KO sizes (1) 2.5 in. to 3 in. (2) 2 in. to 2.5 in.

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Roto Load Center gray 280


ROTO-LOAD CENTER® is designed for applications with 3Ø electronic equipment or systems with line-to-neutral circuits that cannot be modified. Prewired and packaged specifically to reduce the number of field connections.

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Reliability and safety of electrical systems have never been more important. Ronk's American designed and assembled products are durable, efficient and last for decades.

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