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Model 4104 – 100 A, 4PDT Series 4 Heavy-duty Double-throw Switches

UL - U.S. Listed

Series 4 Heavy-duty Double-throw Switches


Series 4 switches provide economical, reliable, and safe transfer of low-voltage loads between main power and an auxiliary source. Switches are rated 100% capacity, continuous duty.

Heavy-duty double-throw switches come standard in a NEMA Type 4 powder-coated steel wall-mount enclosure; 4X stainless steel enclosures are also available.

The compact mechanism is completely enclosed, and the rotary operator handle is mounted on the door and lockable in three positions: On Line, Off, and On Auxiliary.

Lugs are factory installed for connection to switch poles. Mounting feet are attached at each of the four corners.

Factory-installed auxiliary contacts for remote ON/OFF signaling or electrical interlocking.

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Catalog Number: 4104
Model: Series 4 Heavy-duty Double-throw Switches
Current: 100 A
Voltage: 600 Vac
Poles: 4 (quadruple-pole – 4P)
Suitable for Use as Service
Equipment (SUSE):
Fusible: No
Action: Double-throw (DT) with “center-off” position
Weight: 71 lbs. (approx.)
Enclosure: NEMA 4 powder-coated steel
Wire Range
Order Codes
Auxiliary Contacts

Enclosure Mounting Dimensions (in inches)

Nema 4 Enclosure Dimensions

Lug Connections
(line, auxiliary, load, neutral)
Wires Allowed
per Lug
per Pole
#6 – 300 MCM Cu/Al 1 1

Product Nomenclature

Product Nomenclature

Auxiliary Contacts Label

Auxiliary Contacts