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Fast, dependable, and safe load transfer.

Built to Last

Ronk switches are built to last decades. Double-throws, disconnects and transfer switches for when you need fast, dependable, and safe transfer of loads between main power and an auxiliary source. Browse our switch offering by type, or view all our products to select your specs.

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600 A 4 Plus

Manual Transfer Switches

UL 1008 transfer switches

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7103 MS

Double-Throw Switches

Grade-level, Meter Sockets, Pole Tops for safe load transfer.

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Non fused disconnect 7205 A

Disconnect Switches

non-fused, disconnect switches provide “quick-break/quick-make” protection.

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Ronk ats se

Automatic Transfer Switches

Automatically transfers critical loads in the event of a power outage.

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Reliability and safety of electrical systems have never been more important. Ronk's American designed and assembled products are durable, efficient and last for decades.

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