About Us

A tradition of adapting to meet our customers’ needs.

American-made Ronk products are designed to increase efficiency, stabilize power usage, and let you walk away at night knowing that all systems are operating reliably. Count on Ronk to engineer electrical solutions for rural and suburban infrastructure. We understand that every dollar matters and that you expect robust equipment that will run for decades.

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Since 1950, Ronk Electrical Industries has been manufacturing electrical products and equipment for the electrical industry. Ronk was founded in Nokomis, IL as the Systems Analyzer Corporation which developed phase converters for the agriculture industry. It was soon acquired and re-named Ronk Electrical Industries by LeRoy Ronk who would expand the business beyond phase converters.

Today, Ronk manufactures phase converters, power factor correction capacitors, stray voltage isolators, meter sockets with circuit breakers, double-throw switches, both metered and unmetered, transfer switches and outdoor equipment enclosures. Ronk expanded their market reach beyond the agriculture industry and serves industries such as oil and gas, water and wastewater, utilities and electrical co-ops, healthcare, government, HVAC, irrigation, and generator systems. Ronk has also gone beyond traditional products and offers contractual manufacturing services and preventative maintenance solutions.



Reliability and safety of electrical systems have never been more important. Ronk's American designed and assembled products are durable, efficient and last for decades.

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