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Rotary Phase Converters Smooth, Reliable 3-phase Power from Single-phase Lines

cUL - U.S. Listed


ROTO-CON® (P & D-1)

The ROTO-CON rotary converter provides smooth, reliable 3-phase power from single-phase lines. The ROTO-CON family has proved extremely flexible in operating a range of loads for multiple applications.


ROTO-CON® Center Pivot (CP)

The UL-listed ROTO-CON Type CP Series has been specifically designed to operate a wide variety of center-pivot irrigation systems. They are easily installed, require minimal maintenance, and will give you years of trouble-free service.



The ROTOVERTER tap adjustments give you control over all three phases for balancing currents. This balancing capability is especially important for motors that operate for extended periods at or near full load, and for higher power factor motors.



The ROTO-LOAD CENTER is a system designed, prewired, and packaged specifically to reduce the number of field connections for your custom application. This approach lessens the chance of wiring errors and significantly lowers installation time and cost.


POWRSOFT® Rotary Soft Start Controller

The Ronk POWRSOFT CONTROLLER is engineered to soft start Ronk Rotary Phase Converters. By reducing the normal starting inrush on the single phase line by up to 50%, larger rotary converters may be used on utility single phase lines for irrigation systems and other loads when three phase is not available.