Applications: Non-Motor Loads

Powering Your Non-motor loads

High quality static and rotary phase converters for a wide range of applications.

Ronk Products for Non-motor Loads

When you need three-phase power to run your motors and equipment but only have single-phase power available, we can help. Ronk offers some of the most cost-effective, highly efficient phase converter products on the market today.

Roto Con II 250

ROTO-CON® Rotary Phase Converter Standard Type P

ROTO-CON® rotary converter provides smooth, reliable 3-phase power from single-phase lines. Best suited for operating motors that do not operate continuously at high load levels and for non-motor loads.

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Rotoverter type d


ROTOVERTER® tap adjustments give you control over all three phases for balancing currents. Type D ROTOVERTER® models are recommended for applications where a single load (of either single or multiple motors up to 42 HP) is operated and for non-motor load applications.

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Reliability and safety of electrical systems have never been more important. Ronk's American designed and assembled products are durable, efficient and last for decades.

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