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BLOCKER® Stray Voltage Isolator

BLOCKER Stray Voltage Isolator


Off-site stray, or neutral-to-earth (NE), voltage can result from primary neutral currents, off-site faults, or marginal groundings. Ronk BLOCKER is designed to reduce the off-site contributions to the stray voltage, allowing the utility to focus on the on-site sources.

Features and Benefits

  • Extremely durable and reliable – years of field experience and hundreds installed throughout the U.S.
  • Provides secondary fault protection access to secondary grounding system for dispersal of lightning
  • Protects sensitive locations: dairies, homes, swimming pools, fountains, swine parlors, poultry farms
Model Blocking Volts Energy Peak Current Peak RMS
SVI-50 11V 11 V 10,000 Joules 80,000 Amps 100 V
SVI-50 22V 22 V 6,000 Joules 50,000 Amps 100 V