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ADD-A-PHASE® Product Types

cUL - U.S. Listed

ADD-A-PHASE Power Converters

Features and Benefits

  • Limit inrush current when motor is starting
  • Operates motor to full load rating, plus normal overload
  • Provides balanced currents to motors operating at constant horsepower
  • Balancing capability enhances maximum motor life
  • Power factor near unity
  • Units designed for multiple motor applications
Model Description Applications
Type S
  • Our standard unit that handles most pump, air compressor, and fan and blower applications. (Single motor applications only.)
  • Cost-effective unit that operates constant horsepower loads more efficiently (approx. 97%) than other phase converters on the market. This high efficiency provides a much lower operating cost over the life of the converter.
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Fans and blowers
Type AA
  • Equipment whose loads vary more than 50% can be efficiently run on the Type AA unit.
  • Effective and efficient especially under light load conditions.
  • This type of unit requires no special starting circuits to come up to speed.
  • Quiet running for indoor applications such as elevators.
  • Hydraulic elevators
  • Balers
  • Compaction equipment
Type HD
  • Unit is designed for equipment that must operate under most every condition. Type HD is designed and built with components that allow for greater reliability on these types of applications.
  • Type HD has been successfully used on warning systems and on pipeline installations throughout North America.
  • Can also be used on applications that require many starts per hour – 60 or more – due to the heavy duty components used in this unit.
  • Community warning sirens
  • Critical use motors
  • Valve operators
Type SAC
  • Ideal converter for most air conditioning applications.
  • Provides efficiency, high starting torque, and ease of use in automated systems.
  • 3-phase compressor (and fan) motors operate at full rated load with Type SAC balanced currents.
  • Multiple compressor/additional motor units can also be provided as needed.
  • Air conditioning units
  • Refrigeration units
Type SUB
  • Designed for use with deep well submersible pump motors and submersible waste water pump motors.
  • Designed and built to handle the extra load requirements of motors that require additional amps at a given horsepower.
  • Submersible pump applications
Type K-Duo
  • Operates multiple motors to their full load rating, plus normal overload.
  • Limits inrush current when the motors are starting, a critical factor on most single phase lines.
  • Can be adjusted to provide balanced currents to multiple motors operating at a constant horsepower load.
  • Units can be designed to handle 3 to 5 motors either separately or simultaneously. Variations are available to handle motors with higher than standard FLA ratings, motors with different HP ratings, and other applications.
  • Offers redundancy in critical applications – any failures in one of one of the converters leave the others to operate the system until repairs can be made.
  • Lift stations
  • Booster pumps
  • Air conditioning units
  • Multiple motor applications