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400 A Vigilant® Automatic Transfer Switches Three-phase, 120 Vac/208 Vac, NEMA 3R standard

cUL - U.S. Listed

200 A Automatic Transfer Switches

For more automatic transfer switch amperage sizes and model options, contact Ronk.

Features and Benefits

  • Galvanized Corrosion Protection – Standard on all Vigilant enclosures; this duplex coated, galvanized G90 grade steel meets American Society for testing and Materials (ASTM) standard A653, with a service life of more than twice that of regular steel.
  • Exterior Accessibility – The easy-to-use, 7-day exerciser clock gives full control over day and time. The exerciser clock and indicator lamps are both accessible from outside the transfer switch – no need to open the door.
  • Logic Control Board – Located in the center of every Vigilant automatic transfer switch. It provides transfer switch control function with simplicity, flexibility and durability. Features include:
    • Powered from genset battery for isolation against line transients
    • Integrated voltage and frequency sensing
    • Adjustable transfer delays using on-board potentiometers
  • 2-Year Warranty

Owner’s & Installation Manual | Sales Flyer


Series: 400 A & 600 A Ronk Vigilant Automatic Transfer Switches
Model: VTS04003208SX
CB Amperage:
400 A
Voltage: 120 Vac/208 Vac
Enclosure: NEMA 3R
Dimensions: See drawing below
Poles/Wires: 3-pole/4-wire
Display: External digital display and LEDs
Neutral: Solid
Approximate Weight: 190 lbs.
Wire Range: (1) 600MCM-#4 or (2) 250MCM-1/0 (1-hole lug)
Limited Warranty: 2 years
Order Codes

Enclosure Mounting Dimensions (in inches)

Nema 3R Enclosure Dimensions

400 A & 600 A
VTS04001240SX 48 in. 30 in. 13 in.
VTS06001240SX 60 in. 30 in. 25 in.
VTS04003208SX 48 in. 30 in. 13 in.
VTS06003208SX 60 in. 30 in. 25 in.
VTS04003480SX 48 in. 30 in. 13 in.
VTS06003480SX 60 in. 30 in. 25 in.

Product Nomenclature

Product Nomenclature