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Model 477CC-5-FBIL-UL Power Factor Correction Capacitors 5.2 KVAR, 480 V, Fuse Block plus Indicator Light, UL Listed

UL - U.S. Listed

Power Factor Correction Capacitors


Power Factor Correction Capacitors can help reduce power costs at new and existing installations. They are proven to increase the capacity of existing wiring, reduce power loss, improve motor voltage, and reduce peak KVA.

Ronk Power Factor Correction Capacitors are designed and sized for installation at the inductive load. This provides automactic switching, which prevents overcorrection during times of low power consumption.

Tech Spec | Installation Instructions


Model: 477CC-5-FBIL-UL
Item Code: PFC4PF05FBIL-UL
Series: Power Factor Correction Capacitors –
480 V, FBIL, UL
Reactive Power: 5.2 KVAR
Supply Voltage: 480 Vac
Amperage: 7.0 A
Motor: 15 HP
Weight: 10 lbs. (approx.)
Fuse Block* plus
Indicator Light (FBIL):
Class CC, 30 A fuse block
10 A, 600 V min. fuse
Power Factor Correction: From 85% to 96.6%
Wire Range**: #14 – 10 AWG
Enclosure: NEMA 3R aluminum

*  Minimum fuse size based on 135% panel amps.
** Minimum wire size based on 150% panel amps.


NEMA 3R Enclosure

Nema 3R Enclosure Dimensions

Technical Backround