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Water and Wastewater Division

Water and Wastewater Division

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For water and wastewater treatment, NanO2 infusion technology provides enhanced levels of dissolved oxygen for increased biological activity, enhanced organic sludge reduction, oxidation of various contaminants, and wastewater odor management.

  • The micro nano-bubble concentrated solution enables a very small volume – as low as 10% of the volume of water or wastewater to be used – to effectively aerate large volumes of water or wastewater
  • NanO2 micro nano-bubble technology improves upon traditional aeration processes and is an innovative alternative to current aeration technology
  • Our energy efficient process can reduce power consumption by more than 60% over current aeration systems

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To learn more about how NanO2 technology can help you reduce operating costs, improve energy consumption, and improve the overall quality of wastewater treatment process:

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