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Model 9808-6 METER-RITE® Pole Top* Double-throw Switches


METER-RITE switches provide a fast, dependable, and safe transfer of loads between commercial power and auxiliary generators.

The quick-break, quick-make design minimizes contact arcing and prolongs contact life. The snap action and loading contacts provide a positive and complete self cleaning contact, preventing excessive contact heating.

Pole Top versions are built for underground or overhead-to-underground wiring. Meets NEC 547.9 (2) for site isolation switch.


Model: 9808-6
Series: Pole Top METER-RITE
Main Contacts: 400 A
Auxiliary Contacts: 400 A
Voltage: 600 Vac
Poles: 3 (triple-pole – TP for three-phase current)
Weight: 41 lbs. (approx.)
Fusible: No
UL Listed: No
Action: Double-throw (DT)
Enclosure: NEMA 3R aluminum
Wire Range

NEMA 3R Enclosures

Enclosure Dimensions

25-3/4 in. 8-9/16 in. 18-1/4 in. 24-1/2 in. 8-5/16 in. 23 in.
Line/Auxiliary Lugs Load Lugs
(2) 250 MCM - 1/0 or
(1) 600 MCM - #4 Cu-Al
(1-Hole Lug)
(2) 250 MCM - 1/0 or
(1) 600 MCM - #4 Cu-Al
(1-Hole Lug)

*  Local inspectors and governing bodies may have specific rules and guidelines for the installation and usage of Pole Top Switches. The local inspector and/or governing bodies should be contacted and confirmation received that the installation is allowed before purchasing a pole top switch. Please contact the factory with any additional questions.